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Sponsoriesittely - Crafty Individuals - Introducing out sponsor

Crafty Individuals on Jean Hardyn ja Malcom Noblen luoma yritys. Molemmilla perustajilla on taiteilijatausta; Jean Hardy on ammattitaiteilija ja opettaja, Malcom Noble on puolestaan ammattivalokuvaaja.

Crafty Individuals suunnittelee ja valmistaa uniikkeja leimasimia ja kauniita kuva-arkkeja askartelijoiden käyttöön. Yritys pitää myös workshoppeja.

Lisätietoja ja ideoita löytyy yrityksen englannin kielisiltä kotisivuilta.

Crafty Individuals is created by business partners Jean Hardy and Malcolm Noble, who both come from an arts-based background.  Jean Hardy is a practising artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, as well as a teaching certificate. Malcolm Noble is a professional commercial photographer who has been operating in the North East for the last 20 years.

Crafty Individuals is an exciting venture into the creative world of arts and crafts. The company designs and manufactures unique rubber stamps and gorgeous image sheets to be used in cards and other crafts. The company also provides local workshops.

Please visit the company's site for additional details and product info.

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